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Rushdi Food Industries ltd. was established in 1984. Starting as a joint venture between the Bashir family and Telma – one of Israel’s leading food brands, our company quickly became the primary manufacturer in the Israeli market

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Producing process in the factory includes a series of highly strict quality tests, in the level of international quality standards. Starting from the raw materials, the packages and every other detail until the finished products

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Our 3 brands include: Mighty Sesame Baracke- for the local Israeli market. El-Hilal- for the Arab market.

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Our Brands

“Baracke” brand was founded almost 12 years ago. The brand uses a variety of sesame seeds to create its tahini (organic and whole grain sesame) and halva (family and bite size, as well as halva by weight) products. Two years ago, baracke introduced a new product into the market, tahini in a squeezable bottle, and has since been patented by the company.

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El Hilal, (“moon”), symbolizes the counting of the Ramadan month, was created with the founding of Rushdi and existed for almost 30 years. Leading with the slogan “El Hilal from a good family”, it was created specifically to appeal to the Arab population, and sells exclusive product variations in the tahini and halva world. Each year with the Ramadan month, El Hilal launches new “innovations” to their halva products, connecting further with the company’s target market.

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The newest addition to the Rushdi family, mighty sesame was created with the goal “spreading the magic of sesame around the world”. As the name implies, the mightiness of the small sesame seed connects to the brands slogan of “feel mighty good” and their goal of . The brand sells the patented squeezable bottle tahini, tahini in small weights and halva snacks.

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